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The William Pierce home at 37 Union Street, Pittsfield MA. Year unknown (late 1800s).

Pierce Union Street.jpg

This house was located west of the Elks Lodge (#27-29). The house was removed/torn down around 1955 based on Pittsfield city directories (owned by Michael Harrington of Harrington Plumbing carried on by his sons and grandsons). The house in the postcard of the Elks Club below would be #35 owned by Frank LeClair in 1953. Based on house numbers today (2014) the numbering system must have changed. There was a 51, 51a, 53, 61, 63 after 37 in 1953.



Supposedly (research in progress) William Pierce owned all the way to North Street and sold the land for the 3-story (now 2-story due to a fire) brick building on the corner. The house next to the Elks Lodge raises a question about that...




William Alton Pierce home at 232 First Street, Pittsfield MA early 1900s There was a barn in the back that held much of the William Pierce (d.1901) household. The barn burned losing much family history. W.A. Pierce lived at 3 Beaver Street (the section of East Street today that is beyond the Elm/Fourth Street intersection) in the late 1880s.

Pierce 232 First Street.tif

This house exists - 2014




Pierce Coal and Wood


My Grandfather Samuel Newton Nicholls around 1920. Sam married my grandmother Clara Winthrop Pierce in 1918. Clara and her father William Alton Pierce bought what became W A Pierce Coal and Wood from the estate of Charles D. Beebe in 1906. Charles had committed suicide that year. We don't know if the business transaction was in process at that time. WA Pierce died in 1925 but Sam and Clara had been running the business for a few years by then. Sam was the estate manager at Tor Court, the Salisbury Estate on West Street (starting in 1908 with the construction phase) where he probably met Clara. Prior to that he worked at the Blythewood Estate, also on the shore of Onota Lake, with his friend John Buckler who was the head guy there and brought Sam to work there. Both were from Canada and possibly met at the University of Iowa in Ames. Sam and Clara lived in the farmhouse at Tor Court for a few years before going to work in the coal business and moving to 77 Elm Street.


Clara Winthrop Pierce and her father William Alton Pierce started Wm. A. Pierce Coal and Wood in 1906. William probably took this photo of Clara about then. The scales were in the shed to Clara's left under the sloped roof. This was a post card. I am guessing you could have post cards made of your photos back then.



Samuel Newton Nicholls in 1920s What's the car? Franklin?



Sam and the fleet, late 1930s?



Advertisement in the Berkshire Eagle newspaper





Sam and Clara's house at 77 Elm Street. Today it is a children's dentist office. I have some information of the previous owner I will add in the future.



My father and his sled in the back yard of Elm Street. Possibly Christmas Day late 1920s. One of my favorite photos. I still have the sled.





I am pretty sure this is the Pierce Block (with the Piano sign) on North Street just South of where the YMCA main building is on the SE corner of Melville. Would be where the YMCA addition is now. William Pierce built Melodeons in Pittsfield and also sold pianos and music and ?. Wood Brothers put him out of the melodeon business selling products manufactured elsewhere.

Pittsfield Pierce Music Business.jpg


This is the Pierce Block with the Uneeda Biscuit billboard on the roof, City Garage signage on the side. William Pierce died in his office there in 1901. The YMCA, built in 1909, is now in the photo as are the Mills Buildings further North. The Capitol Theater was built behind the northern-most of the Mills Buildings with the entrance to the auditorium in the first floor. The southern Mills Building was removed at some point.

Pierce Block Pittsfield01b.jpg


Pierce Block in 1914 postcard. Building with Lee Poy Laundry. See the mailbox and trolley car. YMCA to the left. Tompkins Building between YMCA and Pierce Block.



Anyone with other photos of the Pierce Block or Union Street or any of these locations, please contact me!



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