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Family Tree information (further information may be found at )


Unknown (to me) Levi M Pierce family grave markers Pittsfield MA cemetery.


Pierce gravemarkers in Pittfield MA (my ancestors)

also grave/memorial to Lloyd Andrews Hamilton, WW1 decorated aviator for whom Andrews Air Force Base in California is named.


Pierce deaths in Pittsfield, 1887-1941

Alton R., Charles S., Ellen A., Harry G. and William are family.


Pierce gravemarkers in West Boylston MA (my ancestors)


2004 trip to Canada to visit the Nicholls (grave photos here)


Reynolds Family Tree book (44MB pdf file) "Christopher Reynolds and his Descendants"

The name Reynolds, also spelled in America as Runnels, Runals, etc., is of Norman origin, and comes from the family of Renard. The family is of great antiquity, claiming descent from Reynolds - son of Grethferth - The Dane - King of Northumberland. Grethferth and his two sons were driven from England circa 944 and took shelter in Normandy. His descendant Fitzreynolds - meaning son of - returned to England with WILLIAM THE CONQUEROR.


More than 30 years has been spent by the author on compiling this genealogical record. Research was made in U. S. Census Returns, Family Bibles, other published work, etc. The thanks of the author is extended to the many individual members of the family that assisted in rounding up data for the book. Indexing is by paragraph rather than by page.


S. F. Tillman

3212 Cummings Lane

Chevy Chase 15, Maryland


Date: April 1, 1959

Please save it on your PC for later use! You can right-click on the link and Save Target As the file to your pc!


Rensselaer County NY documents:

1870-1871 Gazetteer and Business Directory of Rensselaer County NY - here(pdf)


Zip files of cemetery photos are in the subdirectory CemeteryPhotos  (this does not work at present)


From my site, family trees - here


Nicholls family tree - here or as PDF (more recently updated) - here(pdf)


Nathan Nolton Sr. family tree - here


Reynolds family tree is included in the Nolton family tree above


William Pierce family tree starting with Jon/Jon Pers/Peirce (Norfolk England/Watertown MA) - here(pdf)

The book of Jon Pers line up to ~1880 - here (at Google Books) or download it - here. Familiar names at page 136

William Pierce family tree starting with Levi (West Boylston MA) - here(pdf)

Harvey Cole Pierce (one of William's sons) family tree starting with Harvey Cole Pierce (Pittsfield MA) - here(pdf)


Pierce houses in Pittsfield, the Pierce coal company history, information and photos - here


Knowlton Francis Pierce (Grandson of William) - here


Handerson/Henderson book: "Genealogy of the Handerson Family" by Dr. H. E. Handerson in 1885 - here  (10MB pdf file).

My GGGrandfather William's wife is Elizabeth Henderson (Handerson) born March 5, 1820.


Waite family tree (see the .com link above)


Clark family tree, PDF, Descendants of James Clark Sr. - here (2019)


Markley family tree here

The Markleys have a connection by marriage to the Schwenkfelders, a German religious sect that came to the Pennsylvania area to escape persecution...


1914 Farm and Business Directory of Montgomery County.pdf - here

1900-1902 Directory of Montgomery County, Penna.pdf - here

Schwenkfelders book 1923 edition - here



Markley family tree from Jerg Merkle, research of Jim Boals - here



Names of interest.
If you have any information of these people or need more from me so that we can learn, please contact me!

Anna Galimberti, born ~1887, lived in Pittsfield 1940 with my grandparents as a domestic
043-26-8492 Born: May 3, 1886 Died: January 1, 1972 85 years at CT, 06480 (Portland, Middlesex County)

Anna's sister(?) EMILY GALIMBERTI 016-03-2087 September 17, 1892 March 19, 1988 95 years MA 01201 (Pittsfield, Berkshire County)

Above connections found thanks to tip by Jim Shulman, my compatriot Pittsfield history buff...

Anne Wilde (married Joseph Pierce) lived in Bronxville/Yonkers NY 1920s-1930s


George L. Briggs family tree, starting with Mason Briggs (born 1839) George's parents, Herman O. and Floreda (Lemieux?) here George's siblings: Francis H b.1918, Harold O b.1919, Herman b.1924, Dorothy H. b.1927


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